Do you wish your tourism-related business to be a leader in the twin (Digital and Green) transition?

Then join ST3ER Project to be part of a multi-cultural network and receive the support you need. 

ST3ER is an impactful, multi-faceted programme focusing on encouraging innovation within tourism-related SMEs, to help boost their resilience and foster sustainability, while simultaneously supporting the achievement of European twin transition goals. 

ST3ER will provide access to finance, mentoring, training and learning opportunities, business support resources to successful applicants, as well as new connections and co-creation opportunities with other relevant stakeholders. 

In summary, ST3ER now invites innovative digital and / or green projects, led by ambitious experiential tourism-oriented SMEs in the project partner regions under the following two categories: 

  • Individual SME Innovation Projects with a support of a €25,000 grant / each - Specifically aimed at tourism-oriented SMEs whose focus is on innovative responses to the thematic twin transition challenges of digital and green; 
  • Collaborative Innovation Projects involving a partnership with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 tourism SMEs with the support of a €30,000 grant / project - Targeting experimental (innovative) carbon footprint reduction measures or any of the green practices listed below in the Table below. 

Individual Innovation Projects should include a minimum of one digital or green practice from Table 1 below; for Collaborative Innovation Projects, a minimum of one green practice is mandatory, and can also be combined with a digital practice if relevant. 

Digital Practices

Green Practices

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Developing a Biodiversity action plan
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • Carbon Footprinting & Carbon reduction
  • Big Data & Data Analytics
  • Circular economy thinking & Transition to circular economy business model
  • Waste prevention & recycling
  • Blockchain
  • Climate adaptation
  • Cloud Computing
  • Environmental Management System
  • Internet of Things
  • Green Procurement
  • Other digital practices applied to Tourism
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Sustainable Benchmarking
  • Sustainable Logistics
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Sustainable strategy

incl. Renewable technology & Energy efficiencies strategy

In addition to the financial grant awards detailed above, the following supports will be provided to SMEs selected under this call:

  • Mentoring: engaging in a bespoke 30-hour programme of 1:1 advice in agreed areas of expertise over the 9-12 months duration of their project implementation will be a mandatory requirement. SMEs will select their mentor(s) from a pool which has been established specifically for the ST3ER programme. In some cases, more than one mentor may be chosen by the SME, depending on the specific support required. The SME will be responsible for paying their mentor(s) for their services from the grant support. 
  • Capacity-building modules: Selected SMEs will be required to attend at least 3 out of 6 knowledge/capacity building modules which will be provided, free of charge and online, by the ST3ER Project. 
  • ST3ER online Events: SMEs will be encouraged to participate in all events organised by the ST3ER consortium, such as deep dives, cross-sectoral huddles, bootcamps and forums 
  • ST3ER onsite Events: SMEs must attend at least one physical, on-site ST3ER event (in Cádiz, Spain; Slovenia or Denmark) within the duration of their Innovation Project, bringing added opportunities for engagement between SMEs, e.g exchange of best practices. 
  • Sustainability & Tourism online Community: SMEs selected will be required to become a member of the ST3ER online community bringing further opportunities for information exchange and collaboration with partners across the regions.


  • Project

ST3ER - Scaling Twin Transition in Tourism by harnessing the Experience Economy for greater Resilience

  • Funding Source

Single Market Programme (SMP COSME)

  • Budget for Open Calls in 2024/2025


  • Open Call 2024
  • Individual Innovation Projects
  • Collaborative Innovation Projects
  • Number of applicant SMEs

Maximum 1

2 to 4 SMEs

  • Financial support

25 000€

30 000€

  • Funding rate


  • Mandatory mentoring hours

Minimum 30 hours

  • Participation in knowledge / capacity building modules

Minimum of 3 (out of 6 modules)

  • Participation in ST3ER Project physical events

Minimum 1

Mandatory registration (free "Member" status)

  • Required agreements
  • Grant agreement
  • Grant agreement
  • Cooperation agreement


  • Ireland
  • Údaras na Gaeltacht

Fionnán Ó Hogáin

  • Ireland
  • WestBIC

Eunan Cunningham

  • Portugal

Rita Reis

  • Spain
  • Fundacion Bahía de Cádiz para el Desarrollo Economico

Ana Suárez Lena

  • Slovenia
  • Razvojni Center SRCA Slovenije, d.o.o.

Mojca Štepic

  • Denmark
  • Creative Business Network

Catarina Reis

Please do not forget to include the following items in your Project Submission

  • Proof of Fiscal ID
  • Proof of Tax clearance

(Click to obtain Template)

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