Cross-Sectoral Capacity Building, Collaboration & Sustainability

The ST3ER project focused on providing tourism-related SMEs with capacity building opportunities to achieve the Twin Transition of Digitisation and Sustainability:

  • Support innovation in SMEs driven by twin transition objectives, aimed at tourism-oriented SMEs at the nexus of the experience economy, targeting elements of culture, heritage and creativity and collaborative innovative projects at the nexus of the experience economy, targeting experimental (innovative) carbon footprint reduction measures

  • Achieve greater resilience in SMEs through twin transition, by supporting them with knowledge transfer; learning, deep expertise, cross-sectoral pollination and access to advanced digital technologies and tools for enhanced sustainability

  • Facilitate value co-creation utilising data, as an important competitive strategy leading to value innovation in tourist destinations and tourism management organisations

  • Highlight examples of public-private partnerships in tourism that facilitate new types of data platforms, for better decision-making enhancing competitiveness and resilience of destinations and the tourism SMEs

A total of 1.960.000€ in grants will be provided to 72 projects or companies

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